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The firm of Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc.

has experience representing various cities in real estate capacities in Connecticut. Marc represented the City of Hartford Corporation Counsel in their need to collect tax revenue on many mixed-use and commercial buildings, some of which were prominently located in Downtown Hartford and other outlying areas.

Licensed in RE since May 1, 1977, Broker since May 1 , 1979 and certified general appraiser since May 1987 or May 1988-- RCG.246

Investor since 1979; exchanger since 1981 when Warren G Harding, the president’s grandson -taught a 6-day course- have been mentored by the best of them from Florida, CA, western US, all over by RE mentors and Buyer Brokerage since 1981 representing one side of the transaction as a fiduciary. Let’s talk soon & anytime, appreciated!

In completing over two dozen commercial appraisal narrative reports, the firm helped collect in excess over $500,000 of taxes while minimizing the cost to the city of Hartford as the fees were awarded by the court. In the process of performing these commercial appraisals, Marc has testified in front of several judges who likewise have appointed him to nearly 300 Court Committee litigated cases in Hartford Superior Court mostly as well as New Britain involving residential and commercial foreclosures; or some difficult cases with either squatter occupying some of these mixed-use or apartment properties; cases with a trustee or management company; and other problem properties involving a deeper experience in evaluating and appraising some greater Hartford area based real estate.

Since that involvement in the early 1990s, Marc participated in deficiency judgment cases when banks and developers had legal issues for resolution. In such cases, the record from these court cases indicates that all the cases were resolved favorably to Mr. Gottesdiener's clients. In one case against the chapter president of the CT Appraisal Institute, Marc evaluated a large tract of land and the trial judge awarded Marc's exact calculation, and the value was determined because of the due diligence performed by Marc and his staff.

In addition to performing appraisals of many mixed-use properties with apartment buildings as a specialty, Marc and his appraisers have appraised thousands of residential properties, including foreclosures, tax liens, divorces, highest and best use, bankruptcies, easements and takings, partial interests, and probate matters. Marc has never lost in court except with the Judge splitting the valuation "down the middle" so to speak.

Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. was chosen in New Britain by both sides & attorneys to appraise six different types of properties owned by a divorcing couple, instead of having several appraisers chosen to further delay court action and cost more $. That usually saves time and aggravation.

Marc has testified in all county courts in the state as well as federal and bankruptcy court cases and has been aligned with several lenders, lawyers and firms for numerous years in their appraisal needs.

Our Experience

In the 1990s the firm was hired by the city of Hartford to appraise two dozen Downtown and city commercial properties for tax foreclosures.

In 2016 Marc's firm was hired to appraise a package of 6 or 7 gas stations and convenience store properties in several Connecticut counties. There was litigation involving a number of court proceedings. I addition, there were some environmental issues that needed to be analyzed for remediation valuation.

In 2011, Marc and his firm undertook an assignment to appraise 36 residential & commercial properties of a recently passed Greater Hartford real estate investment group needed for probate, IRS, and state filings. In 2013 the firm was hired again to appraise half of these properties for transfer for IRS.

In 2013-2014 Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. was hired to represent a 50% RE partner who was undergoing a litigious divorce involving numerous apartment buildings in greater New Britain and a Newington office building.

In the last two + decades Marc has been appointed to nearly 300 court Committee cases mostly in the Hartford Superior Court to provide objective analysis by various judges to be the committee court-appointed appraiser to verify and objectively appraise a number of different types of properties for valuation and appraisal purposes on a multitude of RE matters.

Legal References

Over the last several decades, we have worked with some of the following lawyers, fellow professionals, and/or organizations:

Joel Grafstein, Esq., 10 Melrose Drive, Farmington, 860-674-8003,

For nearly three decades have prepared residential & commercial appraisals for numerous properties including best and highest use, bankruptcy, testifying in numerous courts statewide.

Matthew Cholewa, former Vice President, Stewart Title Insurance Company and real estate attorney/partner, Hunt & Leibert. 203-848-8608

For over 15 years, transactions including appraisal assignments, 1031 tax-deferred exchange, telecommunications leases, ground leases, sandwich leases, other commercial real estate matters, for CT.

City of Hartford- Real Estate, 860-522-4888

More than 20 commercial tax foreclosures and another 3 score + residential foreclosures in the mid-1990s to recover tax monies-tax collector, corporation counsel who all have since retired or moved on to different municipalities.

Superior Court System-Hartford, 95 Washington Street, Hartford, clerk of court foreclosures, attention: Coral Anderson, 860-548-2700 #3714 for the various Real Estate specifically litigation Testimony

Since 1989, have testified and performed nearly 300 Appraisals of mixed-use, industrial, apartment buildings and single-four family properties as part of committees mostly in Hartford. Actively appointed in various matters.

Attorney Tony Jorgensen, 89 Oak Street, Hartford. 860-246-2500.

Appraisal analysis as well as performed half interest, litigation cases, and utility easement appraisals and takings for Metropolitan District Commission & others.

Mitchell S Jaffe, Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman, New Haven, 203-772-2600.

1996-2002- and presently. Worked with him to resolve telecommunication leases, appraisals, the best and highest use of municipal properties for telecommunication uses, including creating the first silo telecommunications tower in CT in Hamden at the CT Agricultural Experimental Station and other commercial real estate transactions.

Weinstein & Wisser-29 South Main Street, West Hartford. 860-561-2618

In the 1990s and early 2000s, performed numerous appraisals of mostly apartment buildings, some land parcels, for deficiency judgments and litigation including extensive court testimony.

Attorney Mark S. Rosenblit-14 Coolidge Road, West Hartford, 860-236-0531

Since 1990, have performed scores of residential, land, and commercial mixed-use properties though out the state of CT for purchase, litigation, mediation and foreclosure, court testimony, and FMV; RE representation.

Mimi Lines, Esq., partner-Robinson & Cole LLP-280 Trumbull Street Hartford, 860-275-8200

From 1996-2002, complex lease and sale negotiations, 30-year ground leases, sublease & telecommunication transactions & environmentally sensitive RE matters.

John Gale, Gale Law LLC, 363 Main Street, Hartford 860-522-8296

Since the 2000s, presented clients in tax issues, redevelopment, partial takings, appraisals for probate, committee work, tax appeals, and other real estate analysis. Now that John is a city councilman conflicts against Hartford out.

Marianne Dubuque, Esq., Carmody & Torrance LLP, 50 Leavenworth, Waterbury, 203-573-1200,

1996-2002, contaminated properties including telecommunication & RE matters throughout CT including ground leased area & fee simple purchases.

There are numerous other lawyers, investors, lenders, bankers, as well as many other real estate situations that have arisen over the last three decades.

We can provide specific References as per a specific real estate transaction.

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