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Set The Proper Asking Price With Help From Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc.

That's where real estate appraisals come into play in Hartford, CT

Every property is different - meaning they have different monetary values. This can change based on the condition and current market. If you're selling a building or lot, you'll need a residential and commercial real estate appraiser from Marc Gottesdiener & Co., Inc. Our owner is the most active court-appointed real estate appraiser in Hartford, CT. With over 500 local properties under his belt, you can trust that you're getting accurate information.

Our real estate appraisals include everything except nursing homes and larger office buildings. If you own any other kind of property, you can count on us. Schedule an appraisal today.

Gathering information on a variety of properties.

While our residential and commercial real estate appraiser specializes in apartment buildings, he can appraise a wide range of Hartford, CT properties. You can hire us to appraise:

Undeveloped land

Industrial properties

Mixed-use properties

Residential homes

Commercial buildings

Discuss the details of our real estate appraisals with us now.

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